Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Norwex Purpose - Bjorn Nicolaisen

The Norwex mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care in cleaning and we have seen over and over again that when people grasp the importance of reducing the use of chemicals they very soon become very committed to do something about this and Norwex and Norwex products come help us to do just that. We have a solution or a way of reducing radically our exposure to chemicals at home and I think this is one of the reasons behind our success because we not only offer great products and an opportunity for consultants to make a business, but we really give people a purpose by giving them the opportunity to improve quality of life.

I grew up in a suburb Oslo, the capital of Norway, very close to the forest. So from my very early days I learned to appreciate the forest and nature in general. I could go hiking to a steep hilltop a few miles from home. I could go running in the forest in the early snow. I learned to appreciate the clean water in the forest. I could stop and drink water whenever I wanted to.  

But something happened in the mid-sixties and we had to stop drinking the water because it became polluted and of course all the pollution is the chemicals and I thought it was terribly tragic. I couldn't fathom that mankind was so stupid to let that happen. And today I don't think our children is even contemplating drinking the water from the forest, from nature and they don't even see that as a possibility and I think that's an even bigger tragedy.

 We now know about chemicals are harmful not only to nature but also to mankind and human health and chemicals are in the released into nature everyday and there is no longer any doubt that lots and lots of chemicals are harmful and the tragedy is we just don't know which ones. 

So we should do something about it and at Norwex we are optimists and we think we can influence this development. The only thing it takes is to decide to do something about it. Our core values are integrity, trust and respect and we hold our company core values very dearly. In Norwex we try to recognize people for what they are doing right for and in Norwex we have the culture of sharing and caring and we have just launched more systematically a charitable initiative and my goal is to increase these efforts quite a lot. Because it’s always more rewarding to give than than to get. 

What’s the reason behind our success?  I think the Norwex purpose is the answer. All direct sales companies they offer products and they offer a business opportunity. But in Norwex we also live on purpose. We have the Norwex purpose to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals. So I believe that for many, many, consultant that joins Norwex for just that reason. They think this is so important and it is very important what they are doing. It is hugely important not only for nature but for mankind and helping every home to reduce exposure to chemical. And we should do whatever we can to grow the Norwex movement and the Norwex family. Come join us and live on purpose.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Norwex Kitchen Cloth and Towel - New for 2013

Last year at this time Norwex released a new version of their kitchen cloth and kitchen towel.  The colours are Blue and Salmon.  They are gorgeous and I love them both but many others wished that they were available in more neutral colours. 

Their wish came true! Norwex just released not 1 but 3 new colours!  Sea Mist, Graphite and Latte!

Even though the texture of them has changed my experience and opinion of them has not. I still love them and everything I said in a previous post about them still holds true.

This post is from a year ago and talks about the new cloths and how they are improved.

A very short video from Norwex about the new colours:

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