Monday, December 13, 2010


The top 3 Norwex Antibac Microfiber Products are the Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth and THE MOP!  My review of this awesome and super popular Norwex product is long overdue.  I was reminded I needed to do this last week at work.  Several of my co-workers own the mop.  I mentioned to co-worker MM that I thought the mop might be the hostess gift in January.  She chimed back dreamily, "I love my mop."  Co-worker SB in the office next to us heard the word mop and she too said loudly, "I love my mop!".  I just laughed 'cause it was funny.  Someone else in the office just thought it was bizarre.

As a consultant the 2 things I hear the most are:

"Cleaning is fun now!"

"I LOVE my mop!"

Most people today are using the Swiffer system.  If you use just one dry sweeping pad and one wet mopping pad a week you will have spent approximately $60. in one year.  Add the use of their cleaning solution for the Swiffer Wet jet and for a small apartment I averaged a bottle every 3 weeks.  At $4.99 a bottle that's about another $100 per year with tax.  You will have brought chemicals into your home that are polluting your air and leaving a residue on your floors.  You will have added many pounds of garbage to the landfills.  You will have wasted a lot of money.

What if........
  • You never had to buy cleaning solution or pads ever again.
  • You could clean your floors with just water!  (Super clean as in 99.9% of dust, dirt, grease, EVERYTHING!)
  • You could extend the life of your floors.
  • You could feel good about no longer polluting the air in your home or leaving chemical residue on your floors. 
  • You could save A LOT of money!
  • You could clean your floors faster and easier.
  • You could use a mop system that has a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee and 2 year warranty.
  • Your mop pads were washer and dryer safe (without bleach or fabric softeners).
  • Your floors were dry within just a few minutes of being washed.
The Norwex mop system gives you all that and more!

Telescopic Handle 
* This lightweight, strong, aluminum handle adjusts from 38.5" (3'2.5") to 63" (5'3") so it is comfortable for anyone!
* They say the proper length to adjust it to is so that the ball reaches your nose with the base flat on the floor.
* Can be used to reach cobwebs on up to a 12' ceiling for most people.
* Can be used to reach high windows.
* Rubber ball/knob on the end of the hand means it stays put when you rest it against wall.

Mop Base
* Made of aluminum.
* Rubber edging to protect walls.  I find this is rarely an issue anyway because the mop pad extend past the mop base so they too prevent the base from hitting the wall and allow to get nice and close and clean!
* Bottom of base has velcro strips to secure mop pads.
* The Base for the Mop System is 3" x 16"
* There is a small option which is called the Mini Mop system which is 3" x 9"
* Features an easy locking mechanism to prevent the base from swiveling when washing walls, windows, etc.

Dry Mop Pad (Polyester)
* Excellent for cleaning floors, ceilings, wallls, ceiling fans and high windows.
* The pads are statically charged, so the static electricity attracts dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, and micro particles like a silent vacuum cleaner.
* Sweep in a figure 8 pattern.
* Use a damp Enviro Cloth to pick up dirt you have collected.
* Use the rubber brush to clean the pad.
* Does not need to be laundered after every use.  Launder as needed.
* Large 5" x 20"  Mini 5" x 12"

Superior Dry Mop Pad (Microfiber)
* Same as the above mop pad but because it is microfiber it picks up even the smallest particles of dust, dirt, EVERYTHING on your floor.
* If you have allergies, children or pets you will want to choose this dry mop pad.
* Sweep in a figure 8 pattern. 
* Use a damp Enviro Cloth to pick up dirt you have collected.
* Use the rubber brush to clean the pad.
* Does not need to be laundered after every use.  Launder as needed (no bleach or fabric softener) 
* Large 6" x 19"  Mini 5" x 12"

Wet Mop Pad  (blue/water/wet)
* Made of microfiber so it picks up EVERYTHING!
* Ideal for washing floors and walls and can also be used on hard to reach windows.
* Sweep surface with dry mop first, then clean with the wet mop.
* After using remove pad from base and hang to dry.  I brush mine under running water with the rubber brush to clean it, then roll it and squeeze out as much water as I can and then hang to dry.
* The pad does not need to be laundered after every use - only when the front inch of the pad edge gets dirty.

Rubber Brush
* In my humble opinion this should be included in the mop packages but it is not.  I say that because it is a must have.  It cleans the mops (dry and wet) really well so you don't have to launder them every time you use them.  That saves time, money and the environment. 
* This brush is also fantastic for getting human hair or pet fur off of rugs/carpets, car seats and furniture.

These aluminum brackets snap on to the top of the mop base and allow you to attach your window or car cloth so you can clean hard to reach windows.

Spray Bottle
Super comfortable, high quality, 269ml capacity water spray bottle.  Makes mopping with water a little easier.  Just add water as needed as you clean.

Details = Quality
Everything about this system is great and all exceptional but I would like to point out the details that demonstrate to me that Norwex cares and produces high quality products.
  1. The loops on the pads so you can hang them to dry.
  2. The high quality and generous amount of velcro used. 
  3. The rubber knob/ball on the end of the handle.
  4. The movable tab that allows to prevent the mop base from swiveling as needed.
  5. The rubber edging on the mop base.
  6. The pads extend past the base for better cleaning and extra insurance against damaging your walls.
  7. The high quality of the rubber brush.

How to use the Norwex Mop System

HANDLE - Make sure the handle is adjusted to a comfortable length.  A rule of them is, with the mop base flat on the floor, to adjust the handle so the end (with the ball/knob) reaches your nose.

DRY MOP - Always Dry Mop first.  Extensive use of the Dry Mop Pad will preserve your hardwood and tile floors.  It reduces wear and tear on waxed surfaces as well.  Begin by mopping around the edges of the room and walk your way towards the center, moving the mop in a figure 8.  This will allow only one side of the  mop to fill with dirt first.  When it is no longer picking up the dirt turn to the other side and continue in the same manner.  Pick up dirt collected while dry mopping with a damp Enviro Cloth, no dust pan needed.  Remove the Dry Mop Pad and brush it with the rubber brush to remove dust, dirt and debris into the garbage.  You will be amazed how clean it gets with just that. You will not need to launder your pad after every use.  Launder (no bleach or fabric softener) it as needed.

WET MOP - Use the wet mop on Hardwood, tile, marble, wood, laminate, and linoleum floors.  Run your Wet Mop Pad under water and then roll it and squeeze to remove as much water as possible.  Attach it to the mop base and use the same technique used for dry mopping.  When wet mopping spray the floor with water as needed.  If you have a spot that is not coming clean apply a little pressure to the pad with your foot.  When the front edge becomes dirty switch to leading with the other edge.  When that edge becomes dirt rinse the pad off and then carry on.  When done rinse the pad thoroughly with water and rubber brush.  Roll and squeeze out as much water as possible and then hang to dry.  You will be amazed how clean it gets with just that. You will not need to launder your pad after every use.  Launder (no bleach or fabric softener) your pads as needed.

I love my mop!  : )