Friday, April 1, 2011

Norwex Dishwashing Liquid Not Just For Dishes!

Norwex Dishwashing Liquid is my secret weapon for stains!  First, here is the information from Norwex about it:

Highly concentrated, phosphate free, biodegradable, and lotionized Dishwashing Soap is pleasantly scented and gentle on hands. It works well in hard water, and is an excellent degreaser for dishes or pre-treatment of stains on clothes.

Here are just a few examples of how I have used it for stains:

Norwex Microfiber
I often use Norwex Dishwashing Liquid to spot clean my Norwex Microfiber cloths to stretch their use between launders.  Usually I do my housecleaning the day before laundry day but sometimes a really dirty job comes days before laundry day.  If it stains my Enviro Cloth or was a greasy job I will use some Norwex Dishwashing Liquid right away to remove the stain or grease.

Before Norwex created their new Makeup Removal Cloths I used to use a Baby or Body Cloth.  Mascara would not rinse out of them so I would use a little Norwex Dishwashing Liquid to get it out.  Just a few drops on my hand, rub my hands together and then rub the Dishwashing Liquid into the cloth.  Rinse really well and the mascara, or whatever makeup it was, would be gone.  Now that I have the Makeup Cloths I usually do not have a problem.  Rinsing immediately in COLD water (hot seems to melt the mascara into the cloth) gets the makeup out of the Makeup Removal Cloths.

NOTE ADDED September 10, 2012
I now use a foam pump dispenser for my special spot cleaning with Norwex Dishwashing Liquid. A couple of tablespoons per cup of water usually works. Makes it much easier to dispense.  I just foam it directly on the spot!

Our home is all hardwood so we have a few small carpets scattered around the house.  I have 2 cats that always choose these rugs to throw up on.  Most of the time I can get it all with my Enviro Cloth
  • If it's old I spray it with water first, wait a bit and then clean with my damp Enviro Cloth.  
  • If its fresh I don't need to spray with water I just use a damp Enviro Cloth.  
  • If I can't get it all, usually due to excessive bile (sorry, have to be factual), I then use some Norwex Dishwashing Liquid.
  • I squirt a little, maybe half a teaspon or less, in my hand, rub my hands together and then rub that into the carpet.  Then I wipe again with my damp Enviro Cloth and it's clean! 
I go through phases where for some reason I get a lot of grease spots on my shirts.  They are in the stomach area so I'm guessing they are olive oil splatters from when I'm cooking.  I have tried every spot remover out there!  Most of the time they don't work!  It's sooooooo frustrating!!!!  A few months ago I had a shirt I wanted to wear that had just come out of the wash and the grease spot was still there.  I had heard that the Norwex Dishwashing Liquid worked as a stain remover.  I think they said to dilute 50/50 with water and spray on, then launder.  I needed the shirt now and was not going to launder again.  So, I put a drop or 2 of Norwex Dishwashing Liquid on the grease spot then gently worked it in using a damp Enviro Cloth over my finger tip.  I figured the Enviro Cloth has tiny little fibers that would be able to get the soap right in between the fibers of my shirt.  Then I rinsed that little area on my shirt with cold water.  I used a dry section of my Enviro Cloth to pull water out from the wet section of the shirt.  Because the Enviro Cloth is so absorbent very little water was left in the shirt so it dried quickly.  The grease spot was gone.  I was happy.  Now I do the same thing before I do my laundry.  Use an Enviro Cloth to work a drop or two of Norwex Dishwashing Liquid into a stain just before the clothing goes into the wash. 

See the testimonials page (tab near top of page) for a couple from others who have also used Norwex Dishwashing Liquid for stains.  

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  1. But, what are the ingredients??? It is annoying that they claim they are environmentally friendly, but do not list the ingredients of their products. As a scientist, I find this highly suspect.

    1. My apologies for my late reply. I have used several other brands of dishwashing liquid before Norwex and none of them list the ingredients on the label. I too wish that ALL products listed all of their ingredients on their labels. I believe they all use the argument that they don't want to give away their product formulation. If there are ingredients you are concerned about I would be happy to ask Norwex about them for you. Take care and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. the ingredients should be listed, as a consumer and a huge label reader, the list of ingredients are how I base my decision on whether I buy that product or not. if this product is so great, why do they not list the ingredients.
    I have changed out all my household cleaners years ago with much safer, no chemicals options. There are lots of great safer products on the market now, so if your going to compete listing the ingredients would be a great way to go.