Saturday, May 28, 2011

Washing Net

I love the Norwex Washing Net! The thing is huge! It's like a duffel bag, not the flat nets you have seen or used before. I can fit a weeks worth of my dirty Norwex Microfiber cloths in it (2 Body Cloths, 3 Baby Cloths, 3 Makeup Removal Cloths, 3 Tea Towels, 3 Kitchen Cloths and 2 Enviro Cloths) or 2 XL Bath Towels with lots of room for them to move around. 

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The mesh of this bag is exceptional. It's double meshed. Mesh within the mesh! LOL Click on the photo to see a bigger version. 

What makes this mesh so special is:

#1 I use a shared laundry facility and this means dryer sheets are used in the dryer and that leaves a residue behind. This bag and it's exceptional mesh mean less contact between my cloths and the "contaminated" dryer drum.

#2 If I am not paying attention and throw a lint loaded towel in with my cloths this bag will again mean less contact with my cloths and the towel.

It can also be used for your delicates and is great for baby clothes.

I hang it up inside my bathroom closet door and collect my dirty Norwex Microfiber Cloths in it.  When it's laundry day I just grab it and go.  It goes straight into the washer and then the dryer.  

It keeps my cloths together at all times so I don't lose them like the socks that magically disappear! I don't want any of my valuable cloths to go missing!

Another exceptional quality product that just makes me love and respect Norwex even more!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clean Start

I have now been using Norwex products for 10 months.  The products I first purchased were the ones that would allow me to save the most (time, money, etc.) and give me a clean start by getting rid of as many cleaning products as possible.  For pretty much  all of those months I have had in the back of my mind that I want to sit down and do the math for how much money I have saved.  I guess I was not in hurry because I knew it was a "no brainer" that I have saved loads of money.  About a week ago I finally did it. Seeing it in black and white was a shock.  I never used a lot of products so I was surprised at how much a little was!
These are the products I used to use  

and how much I spent in just one year.  
This is a very conservative consumption estimate.

$   11.98 Echo Kitchen Cleaner 2 bottles/year $5.99 each
$   33.71 Laundry Detergent 120 loads/year  (28¢/load)
$     5.90 Dryer Sheets
$     2.98 Comet 2 bottles / year $1.49 each
$     2.94 Windex
$   52.80 Sponges and Scrubbies
$ 259.48 Paper Towels Package of 3 / week.
$   35.96 Swiffer Wet Jet Pads 12 for $8.99 (4 pads/month)
$   20.97 Swiffer Sweeper Cloths 16 for $6.99 (4 pads/month)
$   59.88 Cleaning Solution $4.99 / bottle  (1 per month)
$ 486.60 TOTAL CDN  

These are the Norwex products I purchased which allowed me to no longer need to purchase any of the above ever again with the exception of laundry detergent.  It is the only item I will need to replenish.  A single bag will last me over one year!  All of the these other products will last me anywhere from 2 to 10 years!  

$  16.99  Enviro Cloth - I can clean and remove up 99.9% of dirt, grease, bacteria, etc. from all washable surfaces in my home with just water!
$  19.99  Window Cloth - Cleans and polishes glass, chrome, windows, mirrors, etc. to a high shine with just water!
$  31.99  Cleaning Paste - My chemical free insurance.  Only really ever use to clean my kitchen sink.
$    6.99  Dish Cloth -  No more sponges and scrubbies!  This brilliant netted nylon dish cloth cleans everything easily!  Daily dishes, the roaster after Christmas turkey, the pan after honey garlic chicken wings, all spotless after the first attempt!  LOL
$  29.99  Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent - Filler, dye and perfume free!  I love this detergent.  Just 1 Tbsp per load if you have soft water.  If you have a HE front loading machine you need just 1 to 1 1/2 tsps per load.  Dissolves instantly cleans and whitens in any temperature.  A single bag can do 80 loads if you have hard water, 160 if you have soft water and 320 to 480 if you have a HE front loading washer!
$  19.99  Dryer Balls -  No more dryer sheets!  The balls help soften your clothes without chemicals.  Do you know that is the fillers from other detergents that create the need for fabric softener?  Over drying is the biggest cause of static. Dryer balls also reduce dry time by up to 25%
$  23.99  Kitchen Cloths - Package of 3 - Daily cleaning in my kitchen.  This allowed me to end a serious paper towel habit which have posted about in the past here.
$  99.99  Superior Mini Mop Package - Read all about the mop system here.
$ 249.92 TOTAL

That's half as much as I used to spend in a year and the only expense I will have next year is 1 bag of laundry detergent.  In 2 years I will save $623.99!  Before Norwex I spent nearly $1,000 in 2 years.  That's crazy!  One would think I was exaggerating but if you go back and look at my list and think about what you normally buy you will see I have not.

In addition to saving money I also:

Save time!  Cleaning takes at least 50% and often 75% less time than it used too.  The Enviro Cloth alone plays a huge part in this because it actually cleans and it does it 10 times better than any other cloth or cleaning solution.

Save the environment!  I am using 90% less supplies (cleaning solutions and stuff like paper towels, sponges, etc.) which means the pollution inside my home is greatly reduced and I am creating waaaaaaaay less waste and polluting the outside world very little.

Save your health!  Radically reducing chemicals in personal care and cleaning means a healthier body!  A cleaner home means less allergens and a healthier body.

Saved my sanity!  I hate chemicals and I hate most scents.  My sense of smell is hyper sensitive and I find the perfumes in most chemicals to be offensive.  It also bothers me because I know they are doing that to appeal to people and make them associate good feelings with harmful and dangerous chemicals and to buy more products.  Using chemicals for cleaning stresses me because I worry about the effects they are having on me, my family, pets and the environment.  It also frustrates me to no end because they never work as well as they are supposed to!  

Are you ready for a clean start?