Thursday, October 25, 2012


Have you noticed what the new media buzz word is? Some recent ones for food have been "Low Fat!", "No Sugar Added!", "High in Omega 3!" Of course the low fat stuff was loaded with sugar and the sugar free stuff is loaded with fat or horrible artificial sweeteners. The latest buzz word which I predict we will be seeing EVERYWHERE is.......... NATURAL! 

I have seen it in 2 ads today. One for a cleaner that starts with a V. I looked on their website but could not find what the "natural" ingredients are. Just because something is natural does not mean it is not harmful to us or the environment. I am grateful to my Norwex Enviro Cloth so I can clean 99% of the time with just water! No money spent on cleaners. Nothing going down the drain or being left behind as a residue and no garbage created from the packaging. Not to mention the environmental impact from manufacturing and shipping the product to stores. I LOVE NORWEX! 

The 2nd time today that I saw the word NATURAL used was in a pasta (starts with an O) commercial. At the end of the commercial they said, "Now made with natural ingredients." !!!!! What was it made of before? LOL What does it say about food (or what we call food) that natural is now an exception (that's why it's a buzz word) rather than a rule? Food for thought! LOL

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