Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tub Time for Kids Package

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This is an awesome gift for kids!  


Kids and parents love how soft the Kids Towel is.  It is considerably thicker than the Norwex Bath Towels.  Super absorbent, lightweight and dries quickly. No rubbing necessary!  Just wrap this around them when they get out of the bath and it sucks the water right up!  In fact it works best to pat dry rather than rub dry like you have to with cotton towels.  I especially love Norwex towels in the Winter.  It is so cold when you get out of the tub or shower and the faster you  dry off the better!  Nothing is faster than these microfiber towels. I also happen to love the colour!

My friend gives her kids a bath before bed and her daughter will not surrender the towel once it is wrapped around her.  In fact she insists on being put to bed that way! LOL That's how soft and comfy they are!


Nobody wants their children bathing in chemicals.  Google chemicals in bubble bath and you will never use it again.  Thankfully your kids don't have to miss out on bubble bath fun because Norwex All Natural Bubble Bath is a safe version!  It is....

• All-natural
• Very gentle for delicate skin
• Mild cleaning with bubbly enjoyment

Ingredients: Water, Cherry Extract, Polyglycosides pH 7 Cherry extract – Prunus Serotina (Wild Cherry) Fruit Extract is a Natural fragrance ingredient. Polyglycosides – relatively new foaming agent made from corn starch glucose.

Rinses away easily and does not leave a film or streaking. Good skin compatibility and is mild, resulting in reduced skin irritations. SKIN-FRIENDLY. Very high degree of biodegradability.

Love this package!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sports Enthusiast Package

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The Sports Enthusiast Package is a great gift for active Teens or anyone for that matter!

Made from crystallized natural mineral salts which kill odour causing bacteria. It contains no harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes or emulsifiers. The ammonium alum in this product cannot penetrate the skin, and therefore, does not enter the body or clog the pores. Your body is allowed to perspire naturally, yet the salt inhibits the growth of bacteria, therefore preventing body odour. Guess what else... It's great on Mosquito Bites!

The Norwex Sport Towel is a super soft suede like texture microfiber towel.  Use it at the beach, pool, for camping, on holidays, or in your gym bag. Very compact (wet or dry), super absorbent and dries quickly! A small nylon pouch (not shown) makes it easy to carry and easy to put away, wet or dry! It effectively removes water from all surfaces EVEN when damp. Used after swimming, as a sport towel and hair towel. If put away wet, hang to dry as soon as possible.

This stuff is amazing! If it can work on smelly hockey gear you know it's good! My ice hockey playing friend used to pay to get her equipment specially cleaned on a regular basis and it was not cheap.  This is much more affordable. 

Norwex Sportzyme is:
• non-toxic
• chemical-free
• dye-free
• biodegradable
• water soluble
• highly-effective bioactive formula that eliminates organic residues that cause odour.

Contains dormant non-pathogenic bacterial spores. When sprayed on a surface the bacteria feed off food sources such as sweat, athletes’ foot, fungal organisms, blood, urine and other micro-organic matter that live in sports or work equipment, clothes and gear. The bacteria release enzymes that breakdown the organic matter into smaller particles converting them to water and carbon dioxide.

Eliminates organic odour from:
* Shoes * Skates * Equipment Bags * Cleats * Shoulder Pads * Helmets * Knee Pads * Work Equipment * Gloves and more.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bathing Beauty Package

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The Norwex "Bathing Beauty" package for Teens would actually make a great gift for anyone, male or female, of any age and for any occasion!

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* Use for drying hair.
* Highly absorbent hooded towel.
* Can absorb 70% of moisture reducing blow-drying time.
* Fewer tangles in hair.
* Comfortably holds rollers in at night.
* Great for people with long or thick hair.
* Less blow-drying means healthier hair.

I love my Hair Turban!  You can control how snug it is based on how many times you twist the tail before you button it down.  It absorbs just the right amount of water from my hair.  

A miraculous skin care line, now enhanced with unique marine algae. Utilizing the benefits of organic marine algae and sea plants, the Norwex Marine Organics line was engineered to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. With ECOCERT organic certification, this luxurious line helps reduce the signs of aging while providing refreshing and radiant results. 

Simple, effective and eco-cert certified organic, these products are now enhanced with unique marine algae to help improve skin elasticity and tone while brightening the skin’s appearance for a radiant finish.
Experience these incredible skin benefits for the entire body with the Organics Body Lotion and Shower Gel. Naturally derived, gentle cleansing ingredients provide a thorough cleansing.

Mineral oil or petrolatum, SLES or Parabens

Our certified organic Marine Body Lotion is fortified with Olive Oil and Jojoba to transform skin to feel hydrated and protected. This ultra-conditioning Lotion is enriched with Shea Butter and advanced bio-marine ingredients carefully selected from the ocean. Pamper your skin and enjoy the power of nature to affect your body and soul.

Recommended use: Massage all over the body until completely absorbed.

99.29% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
80.49% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.
Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife

The best thing about this lotion is that it is actually absorbed by my skin and does not just sit on top.  Most moisturizers leave me feeling slippery and when your skin gets wet it gets even slipperier! I am also grateful that it is 99.29% natural ingredients and not man made chemicals.

Enjoy this delightfully fresh and highly effective Bath Shower Gel enriched with advanced bio-marine ingredients carefully selected from the ocean. Pamper your skin and enjoy the power of nature to affect your body and soul. The gentle surfactants in this formulation together with the incredibly soothing, natural extracts nourish the skin during bathing - leaving amazingly fresh sensation!

Used for:
Body cleansing in the shower or bath. Use alone or together with the Norwex Loofah pad to exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Simply wet, apply Norwex Bath Shower Gel, rub in a circular motion, then rinse to remove dead skin cells.

98.97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
58.44% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.
Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife

Because I now use Norwex Body Cloths I no longer use soap.  However I do use this bath shower gel once a week when I have a nice long soak in the tub and exfoliate.  Leaves me feeling very relaxed and pampered!

I like this package!

Looking Good Package

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This is a great gift for men! All 3 items are useful and high quality.

This Lint Mitt works really well! I have cats and have used everything out there and this beats all of them!  Gotta love the size too because it can be kept it in your pocket or glove compartment.

The Face and Neck Gel is soothing and healing after a close shave.  Much more pleasant than the alcohol burn from most aftershave lotions.  This organic Aloe Vera Gel based product hydrates, soothes, smooths, softens skin, and has a firming composition. 

Last but not least is Norwex Leather Shine!  Naturally clean, restore and beautify your leathers without the use of man made waxes or harmful chemicals. Great for boots, bags, belts, leather gloves, baseball mitts, saddles or anything else made of leather. Made with pure Bee and Carnauba wax and Lanoline, this product penetrates leather to restore the natural oils, waterproofs, moisturizes and protects. Can also be used on rubber and hard plastic to restore luster. 

A picture is worth a thousand words...  so here are 2!

I'm impressed!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glowing Skin Package

Though Norwex suggests it as a gift for Mom this package would make a great gift for anyone!  Including the man in your life. We all get dry skin in the Fall and Winter.  This will protect your skin and prevent that dryness if used regularly.  Even if it`s already dry these products will provide immediate relief and have your skin feeling the softest it ever has in just a few days.  The Olive Oil Sea Salt Scrub is loved by everyone who tries it, male or female.  I love how with both the scrub and the Shea Butter, when you first put it on you are concerned by how oily your skin is, and then you are amazed at how quickly it is absorbed.

My hands have been in water all day doing dishes and cleaning so they are sore, tired and dry.  I'm going to go do a scrub right now!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Company is Coming Collection

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This is like an emergency cleaning kit!  Like it says: "This is the time of year when friends and family drop by without much notice. Just a few quick swipes a couple of sprays with this collection of products will make the house company-ready in no time."

The kit is pretty self explanatory. It is also a great gift to give someone with allergies.  Dust is your enemy when you have allergies.  Nothing grabs and holds dust like the Norwex Dust Mitt and the Mattress Cleaner deals with dust at one of it's major sources.... DUST MITES.  You can learn more about the Mattress Cleaner, which in not just for mattresses, here:

A TIP for the Dust Mitt:  I find that in the Winter static electricity is high and this can make dusting a bit more of a challenge.  Sometimes the surfaces get so charged it causes a small amount of the dust to jump away from the Mitt!  I solve that problem by spraying a very light mist of water on the Dusting Mitt before I use it.  So little that it does not wet the surface when you wipe.

The Window Cloth will clean mirrors and windows in seconds.  Just spray with water and dry with the Window Cloth.  No streaks from window cleaner residue which is WAX by the way!  I LOVE THIS CLOTH!  You can read more about it here:

Norwex Mattress Cleaner Reduces Dust Mite Allergens

Do you have asthma? Do you find yourself (or a family member) coughing at night? Do you ever get nasal congestion all of a sudden for no apparent reason while sitting in your favourite spot on the couch in the evening watching TV? Sneezing? Watery eyes? 

In your home millions of dust mites live in furniture, carpet, beds, bedding, and even children’s stuffed toys. Dust mites are microscopic. About 50 of them can fit on the head of a pin. Dust mites feast on the fungus that grows from dead skin cells and animal dander. On average, one dust mite produces 20 fecal pellets daily. These droppings are the most common cause of dust-related allergies. It’s not the dust mites causing the ALLERGIES; it’s the FECES they leave behind.

Just a few sprays, 3 times per year, of Norwex Matress Cleaner could make a huge difference! 

Use 4 times per year if someone in the house has asthma.  Speaking of Ashma, do you know that it is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions affecting Canadians.  The prevalence of Asthma in Canada has been increasing over the last 20 years and it is estimated that currently over 3 million Canadians have asthma. Experts are struggling to understand why prevalence rates world-wide are, on average, rising by 50% every decade.

A fellow Norwex Independent Sales Consultant has Asthma and was having to use her short acting inhaler several times a day. After using the Mattress Cleaner in her home she rarely needs to use it.  

It can also help pets! Another consultant, Shannon C., shared this story. My Boxer is allergic to life. When he was a baby, his fur was falling out, his ears were bleeding and he chewed his paws non-stop. We took him to a dermatologist who did the testing and he's allergic to dust mites. Perfect time to test the Mattress Cleaner. Within 2 weeks of spraying his beds, his fur was starting to come back in and he had stopped chewing his feet. Now I spray his beds every month and he no longer looks like no one loves him.

Norwex Mattress Cleaner can be used to remove allergen-causing organic waste from: 
  • Beds 
  • Vehicle Seats 
  • Pillows 
  • Pet beds 
  • Comforters 
  • Sofas
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Upholstery 
  • Anywhere organic material collects. 
Eliminates and removes all organic waste inside mattresses and on non-washable furniture. 

Can also be used to remove smell from organic messes like urine from animals and humans.

* DO NOT use on plastic covered crib mattresses.
* When used on beds, be sure to allow to dry before replacing bedding.

Here is some more feedback from people who have used Norwex Mattress Cleaner.
My husband used to have a chronic stuffed up nose and always felt like he had a cold. Using the Mattress Cleaner has made a huge difference for him and we now travel with it if we can. My friend was using an inhaler for asthma and after starting to use the mattress cleaner she hardly ever needs to use it anymore. Tracey M.
Personal experience. My daughter's bedroom was just above our room and she would cough all night long to the point she had to sleep on the couch the mattress cleaner was the first product that I bought. I used it the first week and then once the next week. Her coughing stopped I was sooo glad. I attribute it to the mattress cleaner. Karin R.
My husband is asthmatic and snored like a chain saw. The first night I used the mattress cleaner he stopped snoring completely. Now I know it's time to respray if he starts snoring again! Jennifer M.
I'm severely allergic to dust mites. When I first heard about the mattress cleaner I was trilled. I used to wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with full sneezing fits and a stuffy nose. No more. I spray the mattress about every 2 months and then I also spray the carpet under the bed (kind of most of the room very lightly). And the drapes a couple times a year. When I wake up sneezing again I know it's time. Sharon H.
I would always wake up and sneeze in the middle of the night and wake fully congested. Since the first night I applied the mattress spray, I notices I wasn't sneezing at night and my morning congestion has improved greatly! Now to tackle the furniture and remove the carpet. I really only use the spray in the bed as suggested in the bottle (every three or four months I believe). Kelly B.
My husband has severe psoriasis (which means extra food for those dust mites). He was snoring so badly that he was waking himself up during the night. I spray our mattress and pillows, as well as our large duvet every month when we flip/turn our mattress. My husband rarely snores at all now and he feels so much more rested. I also use it on our couches and rugs twice a year. Love the Mattress Spray! Thea N.-V.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bathroom Blitz Collection

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With the Bathroom Blitz Collection you can clean your bathroom in just a few minutes!  You will really appreciate this over the coming holiday as we get a lot more visitors in our home.  Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?  
  1. Squirt Blue Diamond up under the rim of your toilet bowl.  Use your toilet brush to spread it around and scrub your toilet clean.
  2. Use the pink Bathroom Mitt to clean large flat surfaces in seconds!  The scrubby side takes care of soap scum quickly and easily with JUST WATER!  
  3. If you have hard water and need to descale use the Blue Diamond full strength on glass shower doors. For porcelain use is diluted 1 part blue diamond and 9 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on and wipe off with a damp Enviro Cloth or the Bathroom Mitt.
  4. If you have soft water the Bathroom Mitt or Enviro Cloth with water will be all you need to get EVERYTHING in your bathroom sparkling clean!  I love how shiny my faucets get with just an Enviro Cloth and water!  You know when it's clean when the cloth glides over it effortlessly.  If there is any dirt on the surface you feel the microfiber grabbing it.  
  5. Wipe the outside of your toilet with the Enviro Cloth and then send that cloth to the laundry!
  6. Spray Refresh Odour Neutralizer on an as needed basis. ;)  You won't need it right now because your bathroom is so clean it's odour free.

Everything gets so clean, with no chemical cleaner or soap residue left behind, that it stays clean longer.

For everything you could possibly want to know about the NEW Blue Diamond bathroom cleaner go here:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naturally Timeless Skin Care Collection

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On Tuesday I shared the package to get you started on Winterizing your skin care routine.  This is part two and takes care of your face. Especially the delicate skin around your eyes as it includes the Eye Cream!  I will link to my recent post about this fantastic new product at the end of this post.

This package has everything you need for beautiful healthy skin.  Day Cream, Night Cream, Lifting Serum and Eye Cream.  

A little goes a long way!  I use a pea size amount at the most and a jar lasts me an entire year!  Even if it only lasted 6 months it is a fantastic deal!

For those 35 or older who want to fight the signs of aging, help lessen the appearance of age spots and fine lines, Norwex has taken skin care to the next level with this exciting breakthrough. And it is all focused on the natural rejuvenating benefits of an endangered rare apple.

This Swiss apple called Uttwiler Sp├Ątlauber is derived from a seedling planted in the middle of the 18th century, well-known for its ability to be stored for long periods without shrivelling and thus its longevity potential. Rich in phytonutrients and proteins, the apple offers unique ingredients that, through technology, can be incorporated into skin care products. Through cutting-edge science, the PhytoCell Malus Domestica ingredient has been shown to have excellent results for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This unique offering is currently one of the most pioneering and innovative breakthroughs in global skin care.

Gift yourself with healthy younger looking skin!

Here is a link to my recent post on the new Eye Cream!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wrap Yourself In Warmth

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I love my Norwex bath microfiber! I also love these new colours! I could go on and on about why these towels are the best ever!  Lightweight, dry fast, super absorbent and oh so soft!  My 2 year old towel, the only towel I use, is still like new!  Don't even get me started on Body Pack Cloths!  Click on Body Cloths and Towels in the label cluster over to the right to read past posts on these products.

These packages are a great way to save money. They also make great gifts.  It's a fantastic house warming gift or for your kids when they leave home now or later.  We called it a "Hope Chest".  A collection of things we would need for when we moved out on our own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Timeless Skin Soother Collection

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Time to Winterize your skin care routine! I actually start in the Fall as the windy weather really dries exposed skin. I use the Herbs Cream when I get out of the shower and I keep the Hand Cream and Lip Balm in my purse. Some of my favourite Norwex personal care products. They also make for a very thoughtful gift. All to one person or buy the package to save money and use them individually as stocking stuffers or small gifts.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Help With The Dishes Collection

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This package is a fantastic gift for:

People who hand wash a lot of dishes. I have a dishwasher now and still use all of these products daily but I certainly used them more before the dishwasher.

Those who appreciate quality products that also work better than anything else out there!  Norwex are industry leaders and offer exceptional quality products that actually work!  They offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and a two year warranty on their microfiber products.

People who like to save money!  I save about $300 (before tax) a year by using these products.  The Kitchen Cloths allowed me to end my paper towel habit:
and the Dish Cloth ends my sponge consumption:

Those who are environmentally conscious. The dishwashing liquid is biodegradable, phosphate free and requires less than other brands to clean. I am no longer killing trees and adding to the landfills through my use of paper towels and sponges.

Norwex Dish Cloth

This is a looooooooooooooooong overdue post because the Norwex Dish Cloth is my 3rd favourite and most valued Norwex product after the Enviro and Window Cloth.  I LOVE IT!  I love it so much I am stockpiling them!  I get so excited when I start to tell people about it that I can't speak properly! LOL 

The Dish Cloth is made out of nylon and is a large square net approximately 17" x 17". The net design allows it to suds up like a bath scrunchie (some have even used it for that) and scrub like a plastic dish scrubber but gentler and BETTER! 

I used to use sponges to do my dishes.  I have tried everything there is out there and they cleaned the best and went the longest before smelling.  I did have guilt about them ending up in the garbage after just a week or two.  The cost also adds up over the months and years. We didn't have a dishwasher so all dishes were done by hand and the sponges didn't last very long.  For the tough stuff like those big black roasters or anything that's been in the oven I would use the plastic scrubber.  Almost every time, no matter how thorough I was I never seemed to be able to get anything clean the first time.  There would always be missed spots!  This is not the case with the Norwex Dish Cloth.  It gets it all faster and easier!  I've been using it for 2 years now and am still amazed by this cloth.  If I can't wash something immediately I do soak it in water.  Soaked or washed immediately I have yet to find something this cloth could not clean.  Honey garlic chicken wings cooked to just shy of burning on a cookie sheet.  EASY!  A big black roaster after Christmas Turkey. A SNAP!  The scum ring around the pot after boiling potatoes. DONE!  Pyrex after cheesy Lasagne.  NO PROBLEM!  NOTE:  Before tackling cheese make sure the cloth is thoroughly wet and soapy or the cheese will stick to it like glue! 

It rinses out easily and the net design leaves nowhere for food to hide and rot and get stinky. NO MORE STINKY DISH CLOTHS (or sponges)!  This alone makes this cloth a must have item for me.  We just got a dishwasher a few weeks ago but the tough stuff is still hand washed.

Cleaning something like spaghetti sauce or curry can colour the cloth but I find it is usually gone after a few loads of dishes. The cloth is machine washable.  My first cloth I did wash regularly. My second one I did not and it actually lasted longer. Perhaps because it was not exposed to the heat of the dryer.  There was no difference between the two as far as colour/staining or smell (there was none in either).  I use them for about six months and then they get retired from daily active duty to odd jobs such as soap scum in the tub, bugs off my car windshield, cleaning the kitchen sink, etc.

It does take a bit to get used to this cloth. Two things that make it faster and easier are softening the cloth before the first use and folding it to use it instead of scrunching it.  Rather than typing a lot of words trying to describe that I made a short, and I admit not so great, video.  If I get a chance to do better I will replace it.  For example, not everything is in front of the camera as it should be! LOL  But it still gets across what I need it to.

Here's some info directly from Norwex!  

The Norwex Dish Cloth is a loosely woven white nylon netted cloth. It dries quickly and will not absorb grease or odour.
• Wash dishes
• Great for removing flour dough, etc. from counter tops after baking.
• Removes sticky or stubborn substances off counters
• Scrub off soap scum from shower stalls
• Take off bugs and paint from windows
• Cleaning vegetables from your garden
• Removing soap film that builds up on the bottom of dishwasher doors
* May scratch acrylic or delicate surfaces.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Norwex Packages and Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you know that Christmas is just 14 weeks away?  It's true.  Over the next 2 weeks (Monday to Saturday) I will be sharing all of the new package deals and gift ideas Norwex has put together just for you!  

When I am done it will be just 12 weeks until Christmas but you will have 12+ gift ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping. The best part is these are gifts that truly show you care.  You have the ability to improve quality of life for your friends and family.  

Give the gift of:
  • Relief for those who have allergies.
  • Peace of mind for those who are concerned about the massive amounts of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. 
  • A clearer conscious for those who are deeply concerned about the environment
  • A lighter load for those whose money is tight right now by helping them save hundreds of a dollars a year.  
  • Joy by giving them more free time to spend with loved ones because they will spend up to 75% less time cleaning. 
  • Appreciation because you gave a high quality gift that was useful.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Norwex Naturally Timeless Radiant Eye Cream

Norwex Naturally Timeless Radiant Eye Cream is today's featured NEW product for 2012!

The delicate skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on the face. Eyes are a focal point of the face allowing for displays of expression and emotion. 

Decline in the regenerative potential of tissues is the principle cause of aging. As you age skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner due to a breakdown of collagen.

The skin around the eye is constantly moving. Blinking alone produces 10,000 movements a day! For best results use Norwex Naturally Timeless Radiant Eye Cream day and night.

Plant based ingredients enhance the product and the peptides are formulated to be easily absorbed so eyes appear more brightened, refreshed and younger. 


Apple extract from Malus Domestica. Known for it's ability to stay preserved over a long period of time because of it's unique, long living plant stem cells. Stem cells can replenish themselves and differentiate into cells with specific functions. Stem cells - for plant to grow and respond to injury; regenerate.  Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firms skin.

Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract - Extract of the Persian Silk Tree.  Fatigue and lack of sleep = sugar intake increase = glycation = free radicals and decrease in energy. Rebalancing effect. Reduces signs of fatigue around the eye such as dark circles, slack skin and puffiness. Helps energize the skin.

Matrixyl 3000 - Powerful matrix of peptides. Peptides have been shown to aid in production of collagen and elastin.  Quickly and dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and firm the skin's appearance. Compared to retinols.

Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil - Native to high altitude rain forests in South America. Eaten by Natives because of it's high protein content. One of the largest sources of Omega fatty acids. Also contains Iodine and vitamins A and E.

Prodizia - Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, crows feet, puffiness and dark circles.

Olive Oil - Hydrates and protects.

Jojoba Seed Oil - Emollient.

Almond Oil

Contains no parabens, formaldehyde donors, silicone or mineral oil.


Apply a few drops on cleansed skin around the eyes. Tap gently until absorbed.

Did you know it is best to use your ring finger to apply the eye cream to the delicate skin in this area? Your ring finger is the smoothest and least used finger so it is most likely to be gentle against this delicate skin area.

A short video!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Norwex Blue Diamond Bathroom Cleaner

Norwex Blue Diamond is today's featured NEW product for 2012! 

You can use this all-in-one product for cleaning and descaling toilets, sinks, tubs, porcelain and glass, counters, floors and hard surfaces.

If you have hard water you are especially going to love and be blown away by this product!  It is great for the things the Enviro Cloth couldn't get or when I've gone longer than I want to admit between cleanings and need a little extra help! For tough stuff use it full strength. For routine bathroom cleaning use 1 part Blue Diamond and 9 parts water. Yes, the Enviro Cloth and water is still all you need for most jobs in the bathroom and really does pick up EVERYTHING.  However sometimes you don't have the time or energy to use elbow grease! Spray on the diluted solution, wipe clean with an Enviro Cloth (no scrubbing!) and rinse.  

Blue Diamond is different from the Norwex Descaler.  Blue Diamond has both descaling ingredients to work against rust, hard water salts and lime as well as surfactants which increases its cleaning power against oil, grease, soap scum, etc. Descaler removes rust, hard water salts and lime scale. For large vertical surfaces like shower stalls, the Descaler will be easier to “spread” being a spray not a gel. 

Blue Diamond is not recommended for use on stainless steel. We recommend Norwex Cleaning Paste for those because it cleans, polishes and protects in one application with a unique formulation of marble-flour, natural soap and coconut oil.


Organic Salts
Replaces strong corrosive acids traditionally found in cleaners.
Helps remove calcium, lime and rust.

Citric Acid
 Excellent chelating ingredient.
 By chelating the metals in water, it lets Blue Diamond produce foam and work better without  adding water softening.

Lower surface tension of water, making water wetter. 
Helps product spread better, cling vertically and to better remove stains.

USE DIRECTIONS (from the label on the bottle)

Toilets: Squirt a light stream over the inside bowl area. Spread around the bowl and under the rim with a brush. Allow to work for 3 to 5 minutes then flush clean. Wipe bowl exterior and seat with a Norwex cloth.

Baths, Basins, Shower Stalls: Pre-wet surface, apply a light stream on surface and immediately spread with a Norwex cloth, then rinse thoroughly.

Excellent for removing rust, scum, calcium and other scale deposits.

On porcelain surfaces, dilute with water (1 part Blue Diamond 9 parts water) before using and rinse immediately.
  • Blue Diamond has no corrosive fumes or dangerous muriatic acid, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid. 
  • Safe for Septic systems.
  • Does NOT contain APE (alkylphenol ethoxylates) which can mimic estrogen and have reproductive effects on aquatic organisms. 
  • Does not contain phosphates.
  • Fragrance Free.
  • Yes, you can use the Sanira System brush with Blue Diamond. 
  • NOT recommended for natural stone surfaces because it contains a descaler. A descaler will work to lift minerals off of a surface- because natural stone contains minerals, it can compromise this surface.
  • Do not mix with other cleaners.
  • Blue Diamond All-in-One Bathroom Cleaner can be used on copper, brass and chrome.  Before use, we always recommend testing in a small inconspicuous area first.  
  • Use caution when applying to metal surfaces as they may discolour.
  • Do not use on polished marble, aluminum, galvanized zinc, tin or magnesium surfaces. If contact occurs rinse immediately.
  • Do not use on Stainless Steel or Hardwood Floors.
UPDATE DECEMBER 17, 2012 This post had previously said Blued Diamond was not to be used on taps.  This has been removed.  Use the guidelines above, especially the cautions, to determine if it safe to use on your taps.

A short video!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Norwex Bath Towels in New Colours

Norwex bathroom towels in new colours are today's featured NEW products for 2012!

There are two new colours and one just happens to match my bathroom accent tiles exactly! The colours are Teal and Latte! You asked and Norwex listened. Demand for other colours besides beige was high. I quite like what they came up with! 

There are 4 products available in these 2 new colours:
  • XL Bath Towel
  • Large Bath Towel
  • Hand Towel
  • Body Cloths 
The XL Towel (I'm a wrapper) was one of the first things I bought from Norwex 2 years ago. I LOVE MY TOWEL! It is light, crazy absorbent (but doesn't leave you "bone dry"), dries super fast and is oh so SOFT! I have been using that towel alone for 2 years and It is just as awesome today as it was the first time I used it. 

Norwex microfiber towels are so absorbent that when I went camping (a camp with cabins) I took a Norwex hand towel, which is just a few inches bigger than a tea towel, and used that to dry off after a shower. It had no problem doing my entire body and my hair. That's how awesome they are!

It was always so difficult to find a good towel before Norwex. Then when you did the absorbency never lasted. I know now that part of the reason for that is laundry detergent fillers, fabric softener and dryer sheets. Once you have tried Norwex microfiber towels you never want to go back to heavy and rough cotton towels! 

There are some great package deals available.  They are offered here in the Seasonal Catalogue!
I don't know if these are permanent are only available for a short time to launch the new products.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Norwex Tea Towel and Kitchen Cloth

The Norwex Tea Towel and Kitchen Cloth are today's featured NEW product for 2012! 

These new and improved offerings are awesome! Gorgeous new vibrant colours. A deep rich Salmon and a gorgeous blue!  

These are much thicker than the old tea towels and kitchen cloths. The extra thickness and texture of the ridges means they clean better, are more absorbent and can hold more. 

I love that Norwex is always trying to beat themselves and do better than before even when they already better than anything else out there.

Check this out:
The average American family uses between 1.5 and 2 rolls of paper towels each week.  I used to go through 3 rolls per week!

13 billion pounds of paper towels are used in the U.S. every year. If all Americans used one less paper towel a day, 571,230,000 pounds of paper would be spared over the course of the year.

I was able to end my paper towel use COMPLETELY by using Norwex Kitchen Cloths! What if you did too?  Then your friends did.  Family members.  What a difference we could make.

This blog post about it (Bye Bye Paper Towels, Hello Norwex Kitchen Cloths!) is one of the top 5 most popular and has been for 2 years.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Norwex Dish Mat

The Norwex Dish Mat is today's featured NEW product for 2012! 

This Dish Mat is much more absorbent than any towel you could set dishes on. Triple layer construction of microfiber, foam and then mesh. This dish mat can soak up 1.5 times it's weight in water. That's about 7oz of water! Hang it to dry after use. Dries super fast! Folds in half for easy storage if you want. Machine washable.

I just got a dishwasher for the first time in a looooooong time!  Thought I could get rid of my dish rack. No!  There is always something, every day, that needs to be hand washed! A dish mat is super convenient for this and doesn't get left sitting on your counter 24/7 taking up valuable space and being an eye sore! Not to mention having to wipe dry the bottom tray so it doesn't get slimy!

Unfortunately the dish mat I bought sucked! I ended up not using it because it took so long to dry. It was foam covered on both sides with a lesser quality microfiber. I am soooo glad Norwex released this new product. Like everything they do, they do it better! The mesh on the side the dishes sit on make all the difference with this Norwex Dish Mat.  

A little video!