Thursday, November 8, 2012

Direct Sales

"I could never be a sales person."  "I hate sales people."  "I don't see myself as sales person."  

salesplural of sale (Noun)

  1. The exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.
  2. A quantity or amount sold.

Why is it that consultants in the direct sales business often leave out the word sales from their title even when the company they are with requires it?

Why do many hate the idea of being a salesperson? 

I have been there! I didn't want to feel that way. I knew it was illogical and unfounded and the worst part is I felt that I had been brainwashed into feeling that way. That it had been impressed upon my unconscious mind without me even knowing it. I knew it was holding myself and others back and I that I needed to change my mind to be able to move forward and be successful doing what I love and believe in (Norwex) 100% in every other aspect.

At first one might think it is "Hard Sales" that have given sales a bad name. Hard Sales is aggressive, pushy, rude, inconsiderate, ignorant and selfish. But when you think about it, although they put us off and are annoying, they are pretty up front and obvious. They annoy me but don't leave me with that icky sales feeling.  This is also nothing like the way we conduct ourselves in Party Plan Direct Sales businesses. 

While researching this post I came across this comment:
"Soft selling to me is when you are selling something to someone and they have no idea that you are trying to sell them something because you are so adept and smooth at what you do that the buyer is totally mesmerized by you and before they realize it they sign on the bottom line or buy what you are selling.  That to me is a great salesperson. :)"
That is not soft selling my opinion and really annoys me.  It is these people who give sales a bad name. They are deceitful and manipulative. They are the ones that would omit important information that if you knew about it you would never "sign on the bottom line".

Definition of Soft Selling From the Business Dictionary online:
Sales philosophy oriented toward identifying the customer's expressed and tacit needs and wants, through probing questions and careful listening. It contrasts with hard selling which promotes application of psychological pressure to generate a relatively quick sale.

Home Party Direct Sales businesses are Soft Sales. The products basically sell themselves. We provide information, options and opportunities. 

As Norwex Independent Sales Consultants we are problem solvers, teachers and leaders. We assist people with decisions rather than making the decision for them and pushing them to act on it. Likability and trust matter. We build relationships by caring, asking questions, listening and responding to people's needs. 

The focus is on customer service first!

Definition for customer service:

Web definitions:
Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

Direct Sales = Person to Person  In our crazy busy impersonal world with horrible to non-existent customer service we are something to be proud of!  My team prides itself on exceptional, personal, customer service.  We care and we show it by keeping in touch to serve the needs of our customers, hostesses and team members. 

Not only do we provide better customer service than what you get in a store, we even go above and beyond most other Direct Sales Consultants.  We call to thank our customers for their purchase.  We call again once they have received their purchase to see if they have any questions and make sure they are happy with it.  We call a 3rd time a couple months later to see if they are still using the products and make sure they are still happy with them!

Does this sound like the kind of team you would like to be a part of while working from home on your terms and schedule?  More information can be found here:  The Norwex Business Opportunity - Join My Team!  Current incentives for becoming a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant can be found here: Incentives for Joining